About Daka ecoMotion

Daka ecoMotion’s business is based on the production of sustainable biofuel from residual products and organic waste. The production uses animal fats extracted from by-products from slaughterhouses and primary agriculture as well as other residual products not suitable for use in feed production.

Daka ecoMotion is part of the ecoMotion Group, which not only produces biodiesel from animal fats but also from used cooking oil and rapeseed oil.

Comprehensive quality management and external certifications ensure that ecoMotion products meet high quality standards. Professional order processing and flexible logistics concepts demonstrate ecoMotion’s commitment to fulfilling the needs of the international biofuels market.

In a challenging environment characterised by frequent and often rapid change, ecoMotion is a sustainable and reliable producer of biofuels in Europe both now and in the future, based on a solid market position.

What is Daka ecoMotion – watch below

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More Information

Group Information

A part of Daka Denmark A/S
Daka SARVAL is part of Daka Denmark A/S, an international producer of quality ingredients for use in animal feed, pet food and different industrial sectors as well as the energy and agricultural sectors. Daka also offers a wide range of services to the agricultural sector and the food industry. Daka exports to most parts of the world and complies with international hygiene and maintenance standards. The company’s factories comply with the high bacteriological standards set out in the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s programme for self-control.

Part of an International Group
Daka is part of the international SARIA Group, which produces quality ingredients for use in food, feed, agriculture, aquaculture and other industries. The company’s main focus is the production of top-quality proteins and fats from animal by-products. In addition, SARIA is actively involved in the production of sustainable energy (biodiesel and biogas) and is a major provider of services to the agriculture and food industries.


The factory of Daka ecoMotion is placed in:

Dakavej 6
8723 Løsning

You would like to know more?

You would like to know more?
E-Mail: ecomotion@daka.dk | Phone: +45 7674 5111