ecoMotion Product Overview

As part of the efforts to combat global climate change, the world needs fuel that can help preserve natural resources. The ecoMotion Group realised this at an early stage, and as a subsidiary of the SARIA Group, the company has produced and marketed environmentally friendly biodiesel since 2001. Reduced CO2 emissions, less soot, fewer harmful substances and a sustainable foundation; the advantages of ecoMotion’s products are many. The EU has classified ecoMotion TME (tallow methyl ester) as a second generation biodiesel on account of the company’s solid carbon footprint accounts and its utilisation of by-products.

The production method also takes the needs of nature into account since the raw materials are almost fully utilised and no waste generated. By-products from the production of biodiesel, such as glycerine, are used either by the company or by other industries, who add it to their production.

Daka ecoMotion’s products are tested on an ongoing basis in the company’s own laboratory and other independent third party laboratories.

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